Pottery has had my heart for over 20 years.


I love the feel, the process, the smell, and even the frustrations it provides. The things I make reflect the exuberance I feel when I observe the world around me. I wish to share a sense of joy and light heartedness through my work. That my art is functional, meaning it can be held and used is deeply satisfying for me.  


I love porcelain clay’s fresh brightness, like a crisp new sheet of white paper. I am excited by the possibilities it provides. It is an extremely technical and challenging medium which forces me to learn, grow, and problem solve daily. It holds design in such a luminous way I feel I’ll never tire of it.  


My current design work is inspired by many things including the textiles of the 30’s and 40’s era and my own gardens. I want my pottery to evoke feelings of happiness and nostalgia with clean clear color and great usable shapes.  I strive for my pottery to feel as good as it looks so please handle it often!


All of my work is lead-free, dishwasher friendly, food safe, and certain to make you smile. 

I am Amy Fox, ceramic artist, welcome! I hope you'll browse around and stay a while!